"It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, 那些学会了最有效地合作和即兴发挥的人也占了上风.——查尔斯·达尔文 

BTC365的共同目标是帮助allBTC365学生在他们的学术追求和超越方面取得成功. The topics below elaborate on how we can work together to achieve this goal. 


当你和学生一起工作时, 在他们的职业发展过程中给予支持,让他们参与btc365下载他们兴趣的对话. Here are some ways you can contribute to their career planning: 

  • 派学生到BTC365的办公室讨论他们的需求和个人情况. 因为法国的法律很复杂, we can explain how labor laws in France apply to their particular situation. 
  • 鼓励学生参加职业活动,如实习信息会议或LinkedIn Network和Nibble. 时间表已经排满了 BTC365参与
  • 督促学生创造一个 全球人才配置文件 协助他们寻找实习岗位. 
  • 写一个有效的 的推荐信 为研究生院.
  • Be a strong reference for job and 实习 applications. 
  • Recommend that students participate in the Global Professional Skills (全球定位系统(GPS)) Program


请考虑BTC365的资源. We can visit your class or department meeting to present on a particular topic, 参加系里的开放日活动,与学生谈论职业和实习, or brainstorm with you to create a special program. 

在每个学期开始的时候, BTC365中心主动联系all教职员工,要求10 - 15分钟的上课时间,让学生了解BTC365的服务, particularly in relation to 实习. Please consider sharing this time with us. 


有嘉宾要来吗? Know someone in your network looking for talent? Fostering BTC365’s employer network is a huge part of what we do. 请帮助BTC365完成这项工作.

  • 向BTC365介绍可以帮助扩大BTC365数据库中工作和实习机会的联系人. 一封介绍性邮件给 职业生涯atcutiepatroller.com or 实习atcutiepatroller.com 是理想的. 
  • 邀请职业团队的一名员工参加雇主和/或校友出席的社交活动.
  • 与全球专业技能(全球定位系统(GPS))计划团队合作,推广您的活动. 学生 can get 全球定位系统(GPS) credit for attending pre-approved events; this can be a great way to increase attendance. 电子邮件 全球定位系统(gps)atcutiepatroller.com 希望得到支持. 
  • 邀请BTC365参加有嘉宾演讲的课程,这样BTC365就可以了解对雇主有价值的技能和趋势. 
  • Provide us recommendations for new employers. We are happy to make the initial outreach. 
  • 向雇主推荐 全球人才门户 so they can directly recruit BTC365 student talent.