Erin Garry

当我还是个小女孩的时候, I had a fascination with the fashion industry and the seemingly endless number of opportunities it offered. 虽然我在我的本科大学没有学习时尚, I took advantage of my summers to pursue any fashion internship I could to learn as much as possible. 同时我获得了许多实践经验和必要的技能, I yearned to have a deeper understanding of fashion beyond how the industry works. 当我看到BTC365的全球传播硕士学位时, 时尚跟踪, I was immediately hooked by the course offerings and academic structure – besides who could turn down studying fashion in Paris?! 我很欣赏这个项目的全面发展, made up of both theoretical and practical courses plus an internship or thesis opportunity. 这个项目以最好的方式挑战了我, 促使我深入思考时尚的影响和目的. 我从我的教授那里学到了很多, 我的课程材料, 我的同学, 还有神奇的巴黎.

本科生Linnea Wingerup和我受到启发,想要改造 时尚俱乐部 because we shared the same desire to expand on topics learned in our courses, 扩展深刻的对话, 并与BTC365热情的时尚专业学生交流. The 时尚俱乐部 is a great space for students to learn from each other and from guests who have been gracious enough to share their knowledge and wisdom. 除了时尚俱乐部,我还是一个自由撰稿人 孔雀羽毛 (看看我在SP21巴黎时装周上的文章 here),业务及活动经理 BTC365学生媒体他是网球俱乐部的成员.