BTC365能希望在不久的将来实现男女同工同酬吗? 最近好莱坞的性侵丑闻会对性别不平等产生影响吗? We address the challenges that women face in our contemporary societies; the resistance of sexist values and frameworks today in the workplace, 在家里, 或者在公共空间和许多倡议, 局部和全局, 应对这些挑战,从内部改造社会.


作为一个女人, I am continually interested in considering the roles that women need to fill in their daily lives. This project started as an investigation of these roles and the way womanhood has been defined and developed in the last couple of generations.


The three women interviewed here explore these roles in the workplace and in other societal setting. 在他们的帮助下, I slowly began to develop a wider definition of what it means to be a woman in society today. 听到他们的感言, 我对女性角色的变化和发展越来越感兴趣. Despite the First and the Second-wave feminism in the late 19th century and in the early 1960s in the United States, 妇女仍然在生活的各个方面争取平等的机会. 无论是在工作场所还是在家里, women need to overcome many obstacles to define for themselves who they are and what their role is in society. The norms imposed upon them and the way people view them has developed into an overall definition of womanhood, 这经常与他们自己的看法相矛盾.

通过这三位年轻女性的感言, I began to investigate what other women my age believed to be the definition of womanhood, 以及他们的观点是如何通过他们自己的历史和家庭形成的. 很明显,即使只是从这一代到上一代, the definition of what it means to be a woman has developed slowly from something much more conservative and submissive to something more modern and powerful.

首先,我请每位女士回忆一下她童年最重要的记忆. 每个女人都立刻对自己小时候的样子有了一个生动的印象, 他们都有快乐和纯真的共同主题. 在那里,我询问每个女人,问她们小时候最大的榜样是谁, and if they believed that now they might share some common characteristics with the person they idealized. 有趣的是, 尽管妇女权利从一代传到另一代, 每个受访者都把自己的母亲作为自己最大的榜样, and believed or at least hoped that they were developing some of the same qualities as young adults. Each woman used common themes of strength, confidence, and boldness to define their mother. 这让我想到了一个核心问题, btc365下载这些主题:“你认为自己是女人还是女孩?”. all受访者都称自己是女性, 不是因为他们的年龄,而是因为他们的品质, 根据他们今天对女性的看法. This short film clearly demonstrates that these women take ownership of their role in society and choose to define themselves as women. 通过他们的面试, I wished to express the different ways in which womanhood is becoming a more dominant force in society in general.


如果BTC365不完全了解一个问题,BTC365怎么能解决它? 性别歧视是基于某人的性别而对其有偏见的对待, 这在工作场所经常发生在女性身上. The stories on this website exhibit the intricate nature of gender discrimination in the workplace, 如果BTC365要结束这个普遍存在的问题,BTC365必须认识到什么. 分享故事邀请BTC365去感受,挑战BTC365去学习. 这些是他们的故事,这些是BTC365的故事.