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巴黎美国大学鼓励其社区在社交网络上互动. 为了这个目的, BTC365突出了一些最相关和最有趣的BTC365社区渠道:

Social media policy statement

巴黎美国大学(BTC365)利用社交媒体为未来的学生提供了一个平台, 当前的学生, 校友 and the BTC365 community to interact, ask questions and discuss topics relevant to the University.

While BTC365 welcomes and encourages postings from the community, 学校保留关闭个人账户和/或删除评论的权利, 链接, photos or other content from the social media sites for any reason, including but not limited to, harassment and personal attacks, derogatory or defamatory comments, 粗俗和亵渎(包括粗话和破折号后面的字母), 商业促销, 八卦帖子, improper use of intellectual property or copyrighted material, or otherwise inappropriate content.

除了, 在BTC365社交媒体渠道上发布的链接不应被视为对组织的认可, 实体, views or content contained therein. 个人对他们在巴黎美国大学的任何社交媒体网站上看到和发布的内容负责. By sharing content on any of the University’s social media sites, individuals understand and acknowledge that this information is public, and that BTC365 may use this information for promotional purposes. 请注意,其他参与者可能使用张贴的信息超出巴黎美国大学的控制.