Let us lead the way

Your previous experience as a college student has prepared you for life on your own. 但是当你刚到BTC365的时候, we want to make the transition to 巴黎 as smooth as possible by taking care of your 住房 needs. Life in a foreign country is a new and exciting challenge for you – let us lead the way.

In order to facilitate your new life as an independent adult in a foreign city, the University offers all transfer students the option to arrange 住房 with the Housing Office. By putting your 住房 needs into our hands, you’ll make your transition that much easier. BTC365 Student Housing will take care of your electricity contract, Internet connection, and heating bill. You’ll also have the benefit of knowing your address, the names and contact information of your roommates, and your daily route to BTC365 approximately one month before you arrive on campus. Transfer students are housed with students from all over the world.

BTC365的 Fall 2021 Housing 现在可以选择. Registration for incoming students will start on 2021年5月4日.

We also offer you the opportunity to search for an independent room or private apartment with the Housing Office upon arrival in 巴黎, or you may choose to look for something on your own. Catering to a more mature population, the Housing Office is able to advise you on your independent 住房 searches as well as recommend the best possible apartments in our network for your first apartment in 巴黎. 

If you would like to find an independent room or private apartment through BTC365’s Housing Office, you will attend a pre-orientation session in order to search for an apartment with our staff. Temporary accommodations upon arrival are not available to students searching for 住房 on their own. You must notify BTC365 via the Pre-Arrival tasks on our website to indicate whether or not you will use our 住房 services.