Counseling Program - 政策, 程序 and Confidentiality


1. Legal obligations regarding the breach of confidentiality:

The content of sessions offered by the BTC365 counseling program is confidential. 辅导员和治疗师会向大学报告一些信息,用于统计目的,但不会透露学生的身份. 但是,根据法国法律,他们有义务在某些情况下违反保密义务:

  • If a student presents a serious imminent danger to themselves or others
  • 在虐待或忽视儿童、老人或残疾人的情况下
  • If a crime has/is expected to be committed

如果必须打破保密, 在采取任何行动之前,BTC365将尽一切努力与学生充分讨论这个问题. 在这种情况下, 必要的信息将被披露——仅够保护学生或其他人. The following people/institutions may be contacted: BTC365 student services, 父母/监护人, 其他紧急联系人, 医学专家, 或者警察.

2. Sharing of information between BTC365 and the off-campus counselors:

咨询项目的目标是支持BTC365学生的个人和学术追求. 考虑到这一点, in addition to the legal obligations stated above, 在某些情况下,BTC365校内咨询师和校外治疗师之间的信息共享可能是有益的. Although the specific content of sessions is not communicated with BTC365, 当学生的个人生活或学术生活有重大问题时,校外治疗师可以选择分享.

3. 发布保密:

In the case of a referral to another professional (psychiatrist, 全科医生, 其他治疗师, 等.), it may be useful to share some information regarding a student’s treatment. 但是,这将事先与学生讨论,并征求他们的同意.




Session times that a student schedules are specifically reserved for that student. Given the limited number of spots available, and out of respect for the counselor and the BTC365 counseling program, 如果学生需要取消或重新安排课程,请至少提前24小时通知. 错过校外咨询师的课程可能会被收取费用或被禁止使用咨询项目.